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  1. I've thought for years that the ISRA is run by Fudds. Guess I (unfortunately) was correct. It's frustrating that gun owners can't depend on organizations like the NRA and ISRA to actually have our best interests at heart instead of their own. Equally frustrating is the divisions on the pro gun side that keep everyone from pulling the oars in the same direction.
  2. Interesting. So technically, as soon as you order a new FOID card, you are instantly violating state law. Way to go Illinois, making the law abiding instant, inadvertent law breakers.
  3. Go to the top of the page and add it. The Posted program is there in the Center in Red, Yellow and black. I don't currently have the app on my phone. But, I found the web entry on the first post of this thread. RIF, I don't know how I missed that.
  4. Can someone add the US Bank @ 1350 E Sibley Blvd in Dolton to the Posted business, please? And I guess all of teh tenants of that building as well. My job took me there this week and I was quite distressed to see the CPZ sign on the lobby door. Can't get to the elevator to get to the tenant space without going past that sign, so it makes the whole building a no carry zone. First time I had to go to transport mode since I've been carrying. I didn't feel comfortable leaving the gun in the car. My spidey sense was acting up, I guess.
  5. That was the mall entrance I went through. I saw the sign on TGI 's door but not on the mall doors. I didn't look over on the wall in between the two sets of doors though. Thanks.
  6. I was at Louis Joliet Mall today and noticed that the signs that had been posted on the lower portion of the doors had been removed. I didn't check all of the mall entrances, but the one I went in had been posted before. I don't have the app ( company phone) so I couldn't mark or report it. Very surprised to see the sign down as I thought that was a corporate policy. Can anyone else confirm?
  7. There are a few things wrong with this one. First one being that it's actually *not* a complicit sign (the whole background would have to be white for starters). Secondly, the whole thing with it being in Indiana (self explanitory, and IL sign in IN would mean what... absolutely nothing). Next off, in the state of Indiana signs do NOT have "force of law" (see http://handgunlaw.us/states/indiana.pdf )... So, I don't even know where I would start in that mess of wrong. Other than the fact I would still not give them my business because they clearly are against my right to self defense... Thank you Captain Obvious, I am well aware that an Illinois sign had no force of law in IN, and I carry in IN everyday, so I've read handgunlaw.us, as well as the actual statute. I guess my post was a little unclear, so I apologize. I thought is was rather funny to see the sign over there. But my point was, this small chain is based in Illinois and has several storefronts in IL. I'll bet you a fin that they are all posted too. So, if anyone is planning on buying flooring, send your receipts and NGNM cards to them so they will get the message. http://www.fcainc.com/store_locations.aspx Your point about the background can and has been argued on the board already, so we should save that conversation for the Walmart thread.
  8. They're spreading! Saw this at Floor covering Associates in Merrillville, IN. Hard to tell from the picture, but this is an Illinois compliant sign with the pursuant to verbiage in the lower right hand corner. They appear to be an Illinois company with a store in NW Indiana.
  9. First Wally walk complete! Also stopped at the auto parts store. Nothing to report. No blading at 45, very uneventful. Although I do have to admit, now that I'm carrying, I am looking a little more at my fellow shoppers to see if I can tell if they are carrying.
  10. Got mine today. Applied on 1/4 with prints and was approved late on the 28th. Postmark was 3/3 Time for the wally walk!
  11. I sent Walmart corporate an email after seeing this sign at the Lockport Walmart stating that they've posted their stores incorrectly making them prohibited place and that I would not be shopping at any Walmart until the signs are removed. I understand that the sign says it is not a prohibited place, but posting that sign certainly does seem to make it so, regardless of their intention. Not worth the risk of getting jammed up. I really don't think that there is anything nefarious going on, I think it was probably some regional manager or director that didn't bother running this past the corporate attorneys.
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