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Inserting Media

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#1 SirMatthew


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Posted 17 May 2010 - 01:41 PM

This question has come up a few times so I'm posting a brief reference guide with images to show how it is done.

(Please forgive the large/bold type but my text was getting lost amid all these images.)

When you begin a new thread or reply to an existing one you will see a row of icons shown in the image below. To embed a YouTube movie you will click the very last icon in the row (see circled below).


Next, locate your YouTube video and copy the URL from that location (highlighted in blue below).


Return to your IllinoisCarry page and paste the URL into the MEDIA URL field, as shown below.
Then click the INSERT MEDIA button.


The URL will be transferred to the body of your reply area with the necessary "tags" needed for embedding. You may (and should) add comments before or after this line of code. When finished, click on the ADD REPLY button at the bottom to finalize your post.

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#2 abolt243

    Tim Bowyer

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Posted 17 May 2010 - 02:57 PM

Thanks Sir Matthew. Very helpful info. I'll see if I can make this a sticky at the top of this forum where I can always find it!!

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Posted 17 May 2010 - 03:56 PM

Yes, thank you SirMathew! I often give up on trying to embed things (my wife says I have no patience). You're right Abolt this would make an excellent sticky.

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#4 Blackhawk067


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Posted 16 October 2012 - 03:16 PM


What am I doing wrong as far as trying to embed YT vids?

I tried embedding, pasting link (which used to work), etc....nothin' working.


#5 Molly B.

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Posted 17 October 2012 - 07:57 AM

The change since the last upgrade is posted here:

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