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    Tim Bowyer

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Posted 09 March 2012 - 07:29 PM

Uncle Harley, I've had the honor of meeting Abolt, together with MollyB and a few others from the board, at a Springfield meeting with the infamous TVandermyde. And I believe that you couldn't have found a better person to assist you through difficult times than Abolt. I've sought his advice more than once here on the board - and I'm sure that I will again.

That said, I'm sorry that your little girl had such a difficult time during her first IGOLD and I hope she doesn't shy away from attending next year. That picture of her holding her first shooter definitely belongs in the family photo album!

Ah, Buzz, now you've got me blushing!!! I just try to help when I can, and hope that if any of my family finds themselves in the same circustances in the future that someone will step up to help them.

Thanks for the kind words.

Are you a member of the ISRA?? If not, why not?? Join over 18,000 other Illinois gun owners in the fight for your rights!!!

The Roman Empire fell due to a large, corrupt government, overspending, an overextended military, insecure borders, and the illegal immigration of Goths, barbarians (anyone who was not educated), and religious fanatics. Sound familiar?

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Posted 09 March 2012 - 09:20 PM

Next year get that young lady to the very front of the parade.

To be able to protect the ones that can not is what this is all about.

One year I would like to see 5-6 rows deep of folks with the young ones walking at Molly Bs heels. Then bring on ALL of those smiling ladies that do a great job of leading the parade.

But this is Mollie Bs parade and I am just another DIRTY OLD MAN with a dream. Posted Image

Now there's an idea, after all, how many times do we hear "It's for the children" from the other side??


I thought you were going to choke at lunch when I made the "its for the children" comment LOL But seriously how true is that. If it were just me, I probably wouldn't even bother with it, but I have 3 daughters and a wife that count on me, so it IS FOR THE CHILDREN that I want to be able to protect myself!
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