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Assisting Someone For 2nd Amendment Rights

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Because of this group, reading about 2A rights, and other sources, I have recently steered a few people in the right direction to get their 2nd Amendment rights back. 

1. My buddy lost his 2nd Amendment Rights 26yrs ago and has become a model citizen (whatever that means 2day, HaHa). He used Sigale to toss his UUW conviction and got it expunged. Then, he hired Nickl to get his restoration of rights restored because he had a 26yr old drug conviction. His FOID was restored and this FOO went HIGH END, buying Staccato's, Bul Armory, etc. My buddy stated he had a lot of catching up to do!!!

2. One of my customers lost his FOID/CCL through an OOP during his divorce. A few months ago, I asked on here about whether an email was still good for OOPs that were less that one year. You guys/gals stated it was still good and I sent that info to him. He just text me and stated he got his FOID back.

You guys/gals have any good 2A rights restored stories to tell. 

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On 5/26/2023 at 8:25 AM, FredNickl said:

I've got hundreds but they're all confidential LOL

You don't count, you're the lawyer 🤣. You did represent my buddy and if you don't remember, I was supposed to testify on Zoom but I couldn't get my audio to work, TWICE. 

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