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Basic Practical Shotgun at GAT, East Dundee, Saturday, January 28th


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We have our Excel Training Basic Practical Shotgun class set for 9am, Saturday, January 28th, 2023 at GAT Guns on Rt. 25 in East Dundee, fourth Saturday as usual.

This is a four-hour class aimed primarily at the new or newer shotgun owner who has an interest in home protection.  We get people who've never handled a shotgun to people with hunting experience looking to take a different angle.

We don't shoot from the booths for the drills, but from downrange.  We use reactive steel plates with birdshot loads to build muscle memory of taking a cruiser-ready gun to firing condition and then rapidly shooting the multiple targets.  Reloading and other manipulations are included.

Bring your own shotgun of any type (we even had a youngster come with his hunting over/under and he amazed all with how efficient he became) and 50 rounds of lead birdshot for the plate drills part.

At the end of the drills session, we set up cardboard silhouettes so that you can fire your defensive buckshot loads at different distances to see what your gun and load is doing- Bring a few rounds of that, too.

If you don't have a practical shotgun yet, we do have loaners for the shotgun-curious.
Perry Stevens, IDPA guy and I have been doing this for a while now and the results have been gratifying, seeing people get good with their scatterguns.

9am-1pm, $150.  Signup at GAT's Event Page.

Plus, a plug for the rest of our handgun classes there, Intro, Women's Intro, Intro II, Gun Buffet, and Skill Builder (think: shoot faster).


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