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  1. Resto Pinoy- a Filipino restaurant located at 3536 W. Lawrence, Chicago is posted. If it weren't for a family party, I would never even consider going to this place. At least I didn't have to spend a dime... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The easiest way to do the current bills is to first make sure you log in to your my.ilga.gov account. Then, go back to MauserMe's Call To Action page on this site which lists all the currents witness slips we need to fill out, and the recommended position on each. Open each bill you'd like to fill a witness slip out for in a new window and take it from there. It's actually easier than it sounds...
  3. I don't have a login ID or password Then you'll need to register on the my.ilga.gov website. It'll make filling-out witness slips a heck of a lot easier for you...
  4. From the Sarge: http://whatsonthesargesmind.blogspot.com/2014/01/illinois-businesss-started-to-put-up.html "do you see at the bottom right hand corner? That is the law and even though they put what is quoted at the top, it doesn't mean ****! In other words if you go in to the store with a gun on and a cop see's you, you are going to jail"...! I just came across this today, so if it has already been posted, I apologize...
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