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  1. CCL does not replace the FOID, just that you don't have to physically be in possession of the FOID card if you are physically in possession of the CCL.



    I just found out that if you want to purchase ammo in IN you still have to have it, aparently they aren't aware of the change. I found this out tonight when I presented my CCL because it was easier to get to in my wallet than my Foid.

  2. Wait, so it is now my constitutional right to ccw outside my home. Is it also my right to carry said weapon on the cta or in a city park?


    Those folks who said the NRA/ISRA sold us out probably won't understand the true meaning of the question, but perhaps there is a logic to the steps taken after all. I am as pro 2A as anyone this board, but I can also see the reality of our situation. It gives me a certain clarity as to the current chain of events.

    Not CCW...............Bear......big difference
  3. I have a friend that lost their Illinois FOID card. The only resolution was to re-apply for a new one.

    On January 19, 2013, they filled out a new application and mailed it in.

    On February 4, 2013 the check was cashed.

    The Illinois State Police website says the time to process is supposed to be 30 days from their receipt of the application.

    Repeated calls to the ISP inquiry line over the past several days resulted in a recorded message that says they are overwhelmed, and to call back later, then it hangs up!

    Internet searches on the subject reveal articles that indicate 60 or more days to process an application. One article says that the March 2013 application numbers were an all time monthly record of over 70K. (that's $10 per application, in one month or $8.4 million annualized if this continues)

    Today, the telephone call got through to a live person after being on hold for approximately 10 minutes.

    The person responded that the application was submitted to the "background check" on March 1, 2013 and that it would be "some time" before the FOID card would be OK'd for processing.

    When asked how much longer before it would be sent out, they were told that it would be hard to say exactly.

    When asked if another 30 days would be reasonable, the response was that it would be several more weeks for sure.

    This is going to mean that a FOID card application will take close to 4 months from application to receipt.

    How will sending out a renewal notice 60 days in advance of expiration work for someone when it takes 120 days to turn the application into a ID card? I see a lot of new criminals by no fault of their own.



    I have been thinking about this for a wile but after reading your post I am going to send in an application for a replacement lost card. That way I will always have one, even if my regular one gets lost.


    I think if you do that when the run the FOID number on the old card it will come up invalid ...


    Yip New number each time its issued


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  4. My wife and several other people I know are in that backlog. Was told by one of them that they just called this week about it. Expect a 30 day wait AFTER the check is cashed to BEGIN the processing. Once processing begins they say it could take up to 60 days after that now. 90+ days is the new norm.


    They should be getting sued over this. They are purposely understaffing to cause this chaos. Youd think our reps and senators would get tired of the phone calls. They cant rush anybodys through anymore nowadays from what Ive heard.


    I fear for how the permit system will be handled.


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    I called my senator day 31 after the check was cashed and his Secretary called back 2 days later and said they printed it they are waiting to cash the check now I tell everyone to mail their check with delivery conformation


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