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  1. So... FOID Renewal went Active: February 4, 2020 I have USPS Informed Delivery and it shows arriving today (Feb 8, 2020). Yep, guess what was NOT in the mailbox; I checked the Informed Delivery box "I did not receive this mailpiece.". Hopefully, it was misdirected to a neighbor, and they will get it to me. Unbelievable!!!! YES! USPS successfully delivered my renewed FOID on Feb 10, 2020!
  2. FINALLY!!! Now, the snail mail wait begins. FOID Renewed: October 9, 2019 FOID expired: January 1, 2020 FOID Active: February 4, 2020 Calendar Days: 118 Business Days: 77 (Seven Holidays) I had submitted the Online FOID Inquiry; sent two emails (requested mail receipt/read notification)… no response. Hundreds of attempts on the “Customer Non-Service” phone (217-782-7980), which is basically useless, unless you just want to hear a recording of … “We are experiencing a larger number of calls, please try later. Goodbye.” Surprisingly, on January 23, 2020 I actually received a second recorded message… “All lines are busy; please hold for the next representative.” Half hour wait time and a live person came online; verified that it was QC Verified and noted that there were five holidays during my Review period (guess I missed a few); And, no idea what an expected approval timeframe would be. Holidays: Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day.
  3. I called and was told I still had 2 weeks for the 60 business days. 1 day for each holiday made Jan 2 as 60 business days and I called about Jan 3 Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk What number did you call that you were actually able to speak with a live person, and not just listen to a recording?
  4. I renewed mine 2 days before you and it expired on Jan 1 also. The assumption that a week off for Thanksgiving and a week or more at Christmas. 60 business days should be about now, but, today is another holiday!!! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk Don't forget a week off for New Year's, also.
  5. FOID expired January 1, 2020; Renewed October 9, 2019, still “Under Review”: have submitted Online FOID Inquiry; sent two emails… no response; “Customer Non-Service” phone is useless, unless you just want to hear a recording of … “We are experiencing a larger number of calls, please try later. Goodbye.” Based upon the 1- week each vacations for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, I guess I have another week until I hit 60 ISP Business Days.
  6. I also could also use a recommendation... My guy, Paul from Great Guns Armory in Plainfield, is also out of the FFL business.
  7. I almost thought the Walmart thread was gone. Man accidentally shoots self in groin inside Buckeye Walmarthttps://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/southwest-valley-breaking/2018/11/28/man-accidentally-shoots-himself-groin-inside-buckeye-walmart/2143635002/?fbclid=IwAR0VfE7TX9muK4K7L4ZJRSxX9CjHKm_P8bAPHcK5tjUhTLQThOuVONu7UE4 Nathan J. Fish, Arizona RepublicPublished 4:31 p.m. MT Nov. 28, 2018 | Updated 5:19 p.m. MT Nov. 28, 2018 A man accidentally shot himself in the groin area while inside a Buckeye Walmart on Tuesday, police said. The man was in a Walmart store near Watson and Yuma roads around 6:30 p.m., when the semiautomatic handgun began to slip as he carried it unholstered in the waistband of his sweatpants, Buckeye police said. The man told police that when he tried to reposition his loaded gun and keep it from falling, he shot himself in the groin area. Officers arrived and found the man in the meat department with the gunshot wound, police said. He was taken to the hospital with survivable injuries, police said. No one else was hurt during the incident. Police said all indications are the shooting was accidental, but police did file a report for unlawful discharge of a firearm. Additional information was unavailable.
  8. "heck yeah! Just bought benchmade CLA" You can't go wrong with a Benchmade.
  9. Will they ship to an IL address right now, or should i wait unitl the 15th to order? They will ship to an Illinois address now.
  10. Buy now from Illinois company; don't worry about Federal laws shipping across state lines. AIK Adams International Knifeworks http://www.adamsknifeworks.com/store/index.php
  11. Here are a couple that you can print yourself using Avery Template 8371. One for those you like and one for those you don't like. When printing the two sided card, it works better to do each side individually, do not set for two-sided automatically, and set to "No Scaling". No Guns No Money.doc] ThanksForYourBusiness.doc
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