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  1. I got lucky and it came today - 5 and a half weeks after going active. Thanks to those who offered help or advice.
  2. My FOID went active July 24th. I had not received it as of August 8th or so, so I called and they said they wouldn't do anything until 30 days. I now know that I should have immediately ran to the gas station and bought a dozen powerball tickets since I experienced the minor miracle of someone answering the phone at ISPFSB. The FAQ says to call the phone number if you don't receive your FOID after 30 days. I have waited until after 30 days and called about 25 times this past week and the system hung up on me every time. Since calling is futile, should I just report it Lost/Stolen via the website. I am concerned I will be penalized if I do that. Any advice?
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