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  1. Still in Cook County jail after all those years??? Will the case ever go to trial? Ha just re-read what I wrote. lol its Chicago, trials are trivial in there view. I remember when I was enlisting in the navy at 18 the court got us mixed up when they did my background check. Good thing I warned them about it before hand lol.
  2. just found out recently that there is another man with the same name as me living in illinois albeit a different County that was convicted of a heinous And brutal murder, armed robbery and Aggrevated kidnapping. Kinda erie reading the report with my name in it! When I was 12 there was an article with my name in it.(different person) 23 i think and on $1million bail for selling coke and threatening to kill an under cover cop. But he is still in cook county jail to this day. So i'm hoping they don't get me mixed up with him.
  3. 97 posts till this thread is lock, 97 posts to lock, post one up carry it around 96 posts till this thread is locked.
  4. So were the pyramids in Egypt. Do you watch Ancient Aliens on History too? No but I was on the ship when they made them... OOPS!
  5. For me, I wouldn't shop where the sign is posted, as it makes it a GFZ. I think from just reading the FAQ I can easily make that determination. On the other hand, I haven't visited my WM this week to see if it is posted, and I'm one to bet that it is as it seems to be the trend in the Chicagoland area (as it seems to be for most of the state now). Heading back into my corner to await the abuse that is sure to follow. There it is settled from the CCL site Walmart is a prohibited site. Now can we all just shake hands and continue working together for OUR rights.
  6. Havnt been to any of those lately. But I'll be on the look out when i go next.
  7. I think its being reheard at a higher level of court. Is that correct?
  8. I was wondering why the site was down around lunch time. Didnt know bout this till 1.
  9. If you're speaking of the new maps, they don't go into effect until Jan '13. If you've moved, you didn't move far enough!!!! Tim Yea I moved, and I know not far enough. If I didn't have a good paying job and have to help my parents out every so often (they are not mechanically or technologically capable) I would have been out of this state. I checked the tribune map as well as the http://www.elections.illinois.gov/districtlocator/districtofficialsearchbyaddress.aspx and it says I'm in the 18 and 36 now. My buddies do make better arguments about going to Indiana every time I talk to them.
  10. UPDATE: I am not longer house 35 senate 18. I am now House 36 and Senate 18.
  11. now i was thinking bout this before... every other forum im on, when you quote someones post who has a quote... the quote in the quote isnt quoted... is this a setting maybe? just a thought...
  12. check your cities website... i know mine has it listed on there site...
  13. yea... well i'm stuck with sacks of... well you know what i mean... my rep is on th ebad bills list abotu 10 times... senator on the bad once... guess i got some work to do...
  14. Representative District 35 William Cunningham Senate District 18 Edward D. Maloney
  15. I'm an idiot. Thanks Chris, I should have caught that. i knew i should have tried it with my own video...
  16. guess so... http://www.youtube.com/user/ReasonTV#p/u/1/HHxc-AzslMo
  17. please link to any story if one is made... i agree as well... nationwide news is great... cause u know they wont show anything in chicago about it...
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