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  1. I'm really surprised that they haven't attempted anything substantial this far into the Biden presidency. I expected them to at least attempt another awb or something similar.
  2. This is why I don't really find the need to vote. In hindsight, Obama might have been more conservative than Mccain or Romney. Same thing with Rauner, I would rather have the dem if the only other option is a rino.
  3. Couln't have said it better myself. The candidates that have the best chance to beat Pritzker are ones that appeal to moderates in urban areas. Rural areas will vote R regardless of name, we need to select whoever has the best chance even if they aren't the most "conservative" of the candidates.
  4. the more I get in the mail from a candidate the less likely I am to vote for them
  5. the first thing their group should look into are bump stocks....oh wait
  6. i was searching for the classified section for so long
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