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  1. I've got over 10 but still do not have access.
  2. BennyDR

    Gun prices

    You won't find a local shop to list for less than 10% but gunbroker does.
  3. BennyDR

    Gun prices

    Even highly desirable firearms/parts are beginning to remain in stock for more than 1 minute. Hopefully this continues before monkeypox becomes the new thing.
  4. just like the fed Whitmer plot, I'm sure the only people interested in this are fellow 3 letter agency employees
  5. I think it still falls short of the 43x with the 15rd mags. It is nice to see companies push the envelope of magazine capacity and set new standards.
  6. Kee is just another shop that price gouges and has rude employees. They have higher prices in store than they have listed online.
  7. I'm really surprised that they haven't attempted anything substantial this far into the Biden presidency. I expected them to at least attempt another awb or something similar.
  8. This is why I don't really find the need to vote. In hindsight, Obama might have been more conservative than Mccain or Romney. Same thing with Rauner, I would rather have the dem if the only other option is a rino.
  9. Couln't have said it better myself. The candidates that have the best chance to beat Pritzker are ones that appeal to moderates in urban areas. Rural areas will vote R regardless of name, we need to select whoever has the best chance even if they aren't the most "conservative" of the candidates.
  10. the more I get in the mail from a candidate the less likely I am to vote for them
  11. the first thing their group should look into are bump stocks....oh wait
  12. i was searching for the classified section for so long
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