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  1. Sure wish Kankakee county would get this done. Went to the first county meeting and haven't heard anything since.
  2. I emailed Kankakee county state's attorney Jim Rowe last month and never received no reply.
  3. I sent a copy of effingham's proposal to Kankakee states attorney asking to do the same in Kankakee county. No word back yet
  4. In the mail today @ 12:00 Applied = 1/5/14 Payment = 1/5/14 Prints = Yes Instructor = No Active = 3/10/14 App# = 17xxx Postmarked = 3/11/14 Received = 1/13/14 Carrying = Yes
  5. Went for a Wallywalk without carrying do to the fact I haven't been approved yet:(
  6. No signs at the Walmart Supercenter in Bourbonnais, Kankakee county or the Farm and Fleet store.
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