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  1. Thanks guys for the timely responds. all replies was very much accepted. I was thinking the same just sit back and wait it out. Just wanted you guys input on the matter, like Howie said spend it on more ammo lol. found a website online called firearms depot that ships the ammo right to my front door. Mr Bubacs I think im gone go have that cold one. peace out fellow shooters, be safe and thanks again for the advice.
  2. Hello all, hope everyone is doing great and in good health. I would like to thank everyone for responding to my questions on my foid card if I haven't done it already. I see online it say that the CC wait time is about 5 1/2 months. My question is I submitted myself and wife CC paperwork at the end of June or first week of July. We didn't send in our prints and my brother said I should have they would come back much faster. So can we still go and submit our prints even if its been almost three months since sending in our certificates? Or would I still be waiting long do to the backlog they have. Figured I would ask and see what you guys had to say about it, or if it would even move it along any faster if we did.
  3. hello everyone, can anyone time me if Illinois have a limit on the number of firearms you can buy per year. someone told me you can only buy 3 or 4 guns a year and I was wondering how true that was, cause I'm on my 3rd buy this month.
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies. come to find out the seal that was on it was out dated and is no longer being accepted so I had to get a new certificate which I have and I took my wife and she qualified and got hers. but my instructor made a error on our certificates and 5 days after I submitted them I went back in my portal and a message came up saying my instructor license had been revoked. he typed his instructors number on our certificates wrong and I had to send them back in a email. I hope this don't slow the process up even more. because I hear its a 120 days to process. also if I buy a gun from Cabelas in Indiana do I still have to do that 72 hour wait Illinois do or is it buy and walk.
  5. Hey everyone hope you all are safe and well. hey do anyone know if your certificate expires. I just found out my foid card was just sent out 4 days ago, but I took my CC class in 2015. can I still sent this one in or do I have to do the 4 hour class? because I just paid for my CC in my portal.
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