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  1. Just want to inform everyone here that putting pressure on them by requesting a hearing with the ISP director absolutely works! I sent them JUST an email requesting a hearing and the very next day my FOID became active! I've been saying for the longest this is all BS! They are purposely delaying the process for FOIDS, CCLs and appeals hoping people will just give up. What are the chances that it's a coincidence that after 10 months of waiting and leaving voicemails and emails, the very next day I request a hearing my card goes active? It's sickening to me how they have zero regard for our constitutional and God given rights! Once you know they have received every document needed, I suggest that after 6 months you start leaving voicemails and emails periodically inquiring about your status. After nine months request a hearing with the ISP director Brendan Kelly. They don't respond so you will question if they are even receiving your messages, but they obviously are. Be respectful, but keep hassling them! All their contact info is on the ISP website. Thanks to Molly B. the moderator. I took the advice she had given someone else to request a hearing. It worked for the other person as well. You can read it a couple comments above. Contact Molly B. if you have anymore questions on how to go about requesting an appeal.
  2. I know this post is older, but can you please let me know if you mailed or faxed the paperwork. Thank you.
  3. Fantastic! Glad it worked out for you and glad to be of help. Do you mail in the paperwork or fax it? Thanks.
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