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  1. Thanks! I’m thankful it was successful. I’m optimistic about the CCL but don’t want to celebrate too early. It hasn’t stopped me from shopping for a decent IWB holster for my G19 and a sturdy belt though .
  2. Update…my FOID renewal was successful. It went active about a week and a half after I submitted the application. The new card showed up yesterday. Signed up concealed carry at the beginning of May.
  3. Very happy it finally showed up! Thanks for the update. I agree, it’s ridiculous that this state makes us weight our rights against getting treatment. Hopefully one day that changes. Thank you for the wishes of luck! I’m encouraged now! I actually got the message today saying that I can renew my FOID card so I submitted the application. If that goes though without issues I’ll be enrolling in a concealed carry class as soon as I can. I’ll be sure to post updates. I too am very happy to have found this forum! It’s great to have a friendly community of firearm enthusiasts for this state. I appreciate all those who make it happen and keep it going. It really is a wealth of info!
  4. I was in this same situation. My FOID was reissued back in 2012. I believe the “after 5 year requirements” law was passed in 2013. I’ve had several address changes (and firearm purchases) since then with the most recent address change in July of 2021. I haven’t had any issues thus far. I’m up for renewal in October of 2022 so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and knocking on wood when that time arrives. I feel better knowing you have had yours for almost 20 years since you made it through 1 renewal without issue. Keep us updated on your CCL. I don’t know if applying for one changes the situation or causes issues. I wouldn’t think so but as Molly says blips happen.
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