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  1. I'm hoping I'm ok. I have had my firearms rights restored by a cook county judge.And as I said my ccl went from DENIED to UNDER BOARD REVIEW..hope it's good
  2. Hi Molly I have had a active foid card since 2009 and didn kno it because my addresses didn match so upon finding this out I applied for change of address and also completed my 16hr ccl class for them to revoke my foid card for convictions for controlled substances in 93 and 97(no forcible entry,battery,domestic nothin)..I have not been in any trouble since.I have been working the same job for the past 11 years I have sent all the documents that's stated on appeal sheets to the T.(notorized letters from myself and 4 others EVERYTHING) I submitted them in the middle of Jan I know it's about to be a long walk but have u heard of any1 winning an appeal sorta similar to mine and bout how long should I wait or should I get legal help what should I do I just want to be able to protect me and my family as well as others
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