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  1. I sent my CCL renewal in 3/23/21. When I check the ISP FOID/CCl site, it still shows under review and the following statement says that no part of the application has been reviewed as of this date. I don't care what excuse they come up with - no renewal application should take a year to be reviewed and issued. THEY MAKE THE LAWS AND REFUSE TO FOLLOW THEIR OWN LAWS. THE WHOLE FOID/CCL PROGRAM SHOULD BE SCRAPPED. This is exactly what INFRINGE meant to our founding fathers.
  2. The subject was brought to the floor at the April Clark County board meeting during public comments. One board member said he was supportive of a resolution but would like to hear from the people of Clark County. I have contacted every board member to voice my support and supplied them with a copy of Effingham County's resolution. I am planning on attending the May board meeting.
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