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  1. I believe that the physician form is this one: https://ispfsb.com/Public/Firearms/FOID/mentalhealthcert.pdf The $750-$1500 charges that some referred to above seem a bit steep, especially as it should be within the capabilities of your primary care physician. It might even be worth it to check around at a few offices to see what the "cash price" for doing this might be if you have no PCP as I am not sure if this is covered under insurance (I am not an office MD and I can promise you an emergency room would not do this). The public health department is a great idea although if you don't catch the right person who has done this before, you may end up in bureaucratic purgatory. Best of luck to you, Daemos, MD
  2. For what it is worth, unlawful per local ordinance in Orland Park: VILLAGE OF ORLAND PARK Ordinance No: 4889 It is unlawful to... 1. Sell, manufacture, purchase, possess or carry on their person, or in their vehicle, any bludgeon, black-jack, slung shot, sand club or sand club metal knuckles or other knuckle weapon, throwing star or any knife commonly referred to or known as a switchblade knife; Time to talk to the mayor. Thank you for posting the non-preemption concern. I would not have looked otherwise.
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