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  1. He forgot to check his mailbox yesterday. It just came in. He just sent a pic of it
  2. That's the way I've always done it. Show proof of foid, run it on ISP website, get approval, wait, then show card again at time of pickup. This is the first time I've encountered something like this, so I was a little leery of going through with the transaction. He did take a picture of his DL next to the approval letter, but I still don't feel comfortable doing it. Been awhile since I've been on this forum and figured ISP was delaying approvals again. From the way people are talking in this thread, his should be in shortly hopefully. He will just have to wait until his card comes in.
  3. So, if a person has their letter saying their foid was approved and lists their new number on it, can they do face to face transfers? Letter is dated 2/15/16, with new number, but has yet to receive their card. When running the number and DOB on ISP website it comes back approved. It was my understanding that they must have a card in their possession correct?
  4. From the ISP: Since the launch of the new FOID program, people who apply for a FCCL will also get a new FOID card (with the same number as the FCCL) mailed to them. The new FOID card will have the same expiration date as the old FOID. If one of these individuals tries to purchase they should not be getting a denied FTIP response. We are aware that a few people have and are working on a fix that may already be working. In the meantime they should instruct the FFL to call in and speak to a member of the FTIP staff and we can work through it. The call center should NOT be telling these people they cannot possess/transport. So does this mean that if I get my ccl before my new foid, that I can carry with my current invalid foid?
  5. yea I took 5 months to get my last Foid card so I feel your pain. I can say this I went active on Tuesday and received my ccl today but I didn't receive my newly changed Foid card so I hope it's next week sometime and not the 5 months it took last time. I did talk with the ISP and all they could tell me is they don't know how it happened or why, and they sent out over 3,000 new Foid cards that changed to the new ccl so they couldn't say if mine was in there only that my Foid number changed and I should get it " soon " Have you checked your status lately on your foid? I'm guessing that when it says "active" is when it will be printed and mailed out?
  6. Technically since its not valid you can't even have a firearm in you possession correct? Kind of a tricky situation... Wish I could call today and find out. Guess it will have to wait till Monday
  7. My ccl and foid numbers are the same now too, and staus on foid is not found when I run both numbers. Just went active on 3/26. It took me 7 months to get my foid a couple years ago. Really hope it only takes a week or 2 to get both Has anyone called to see how long it will take new foids to be issued?
  8. I went active on day 41 (filled out app on 2/16 with prints). My foid # now matches my ccl also. Ran my foid through the transfer and it says "not found", also ran new number and it just came up blank. Hope they get this straightened out pretty quick
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