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  1. The power is really going to this short round ego-maniac's head along with a full blown Napoleon syndrome. Did anyone forget to tell his immenseness he works for the people? Guess they don't teach that in the private and privileged schools he attended during his billions of dollars in upbringing. We are the laughingstock in most other states vice California, Michigan, Oregon and a couple others.

  2. These dum0craps cannot be compromised with on any 2A item. Yes the ISRA dropped the ball on the last 'law' and the excuse of they went for the lesser of two evils is pretty lame but it appears they have really gone all in on this one. Don't give an inch and take a foot with these people is all they know and understand sometimes. What really fries me is the blatant disregard for the SCOTUS rulings.............where is the accountability in that? Look below their names and see all the J.D.'s. How are they not being disbarred or criminally charged? I know..........rhetorical question but still it is our tax money needed to defend these ding-a-lings against our own rights. 

  3. The Dum0craps play the long game with these types of bills. Bait and switch, make them so ridiculous that after all the banter there is actually a bill that reads not so ridiculous, gut the original and fill with something totally unrelated to the title, blatantly violate Illinois state constitution and a whole host of other 'tricks'. Madigan did keep some of the more crazy bills off the docket but without his crooked arse in the Speaker's chair we have a rubber stamp. 

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