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  1. I'm working on getting my FOID reinstated after an ex tried and failed to get an order of protection against me. I sent in: Request for FOID Investigation, Relief and Reinstatement of Firearms Rightsand copy of the denied OP. I received an email this week with the following: You are receiving this email as a response to an OP appeal request you have submitted. This e-mail serves to clarify what is needed. In order to process your OP appeal and reissue your FOID card, you will need to: *return your revoked FOID card to the Illinois State Police (FOID Lost or Surrendered Card Affidavit). *THEN send a fax to “OP Reinstatements” @ 217-782-9137 requesting reinstatement of your FOID card. Now I'm trying to fax the FOID surrendered affidavit to the number they gave me and it doesn't seem to be working. Does anyone have the right fax number for the OP Reinstatements department?
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