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  1. Usually people cite the engineering and quality of manufacturing that produces an exceptional shooter. In price and reputation, Manurhin is a little below Korth, but does anyone actually shoot a Korth? Manurhins are made to be carried and used by cops.It's like driving a Porche, because you can use it everyday, versus a Lamborghini that you'd only drive when the weather is nice and never trust to valet parking.Personally, I drive a Toyota, because it gets me there.The 2 guns I was able to shoot were owned by 2 different people. The both also had Korths as well. I got to shoot those too. One was 357 and the other a 44 mag. I would call the actions on those and the Manurhins equal. The Korths were more competition oriented though whereas the Manurhins more traditional, no full underlugs or bull barrels. Sadly I will probably never own either but was fortunate enough to meet some people on another forum gracious enough to share what they have.
  2. I got to shoot 2 of them this past weekend. I’m not sure on what models they were (as there are well out of my price range) but both had blueing that was equal if not better than any royal blue python I’ve ever seen. And the actions were complete butter. Darn fine choice if you can afford it. I don’t think you’d be disappointed.
  3. I flew out of O’hare last September. Took 3 pistols for a class in Oregon. It was easy but I used a Pelican case as a dedicated piece of luggage. Use non TSA locks. If there is a spot for multiple locks, use multiple locks. I flew United and they had an 11 lb limit for ammo. I needed 1000 rounds so I had it shipped directly to the training facility.
  4. I concur with duke. Not only about Dan Wesson’s (I have a Guardian 45acp) but 1911addicts as well.
  5. Any gun I even THINK about carrying gets a TT. I've had around twenty, currently have a dozen or so. I've taken to their High Ride Snap Removeable Holsters, with either elephant or lizard trim. Even with the COVID rush, he's getting them out in under 6 weeks. I have one in black with safari tan elephant trim coming late next week for a commander sized Dan Wesson Valor 9mm. For IWB, I like his Slim XT.Yes Tim makes fantastic holsters. I’ve had my TT Mike’s Special for almost 6 years. Carry IWB 90% of the time. 1911 Commander anywhere from 12-16 hours a day. Best decision I ever made, but since this thread was about OWB I mentioned my Sparks 55bn. Got it this summer and under just a t-shirt, it just barely prints more than IWB. FYI I’m 5’11” and 190 lbs.
  6. Like others have said you cant go wrong with TT or Milt Sparks. I use a TT for IWB and a Sparks 55BN For OWB
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