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  1. I didn't realize it was 60 BUSINESS days...guess I will keep waiting.
  2. No change since submitting on 8/29 for a renewal. I have a CCL and fingerprints on file... Who should I contact? Cant reach anyone at ISP though the phone. Should I ask my IL State Senator or House Rep? I thought the law was 60 days???
  3. I am at 45 days on my FOID...still under review. I tried to buy ammo at Bass Pro...I know, normally I use my dealer because I had a gift card...and they declined my purchase even after showing my CCL, a printed copy of my payment, my DoD ID, and FD credentials that state we lawfully are authorized to carry on duty!!!! So, I just walked into my normal dealer and they sold ammo without issues. It shouldn't take 45 damn days for a renewal! I should be able to walk in to any ISP HQ and they should be able to do it like a DL renewal. The IL Inspector General should be looking at where the $$ is going, because it isn't going to hire new staff for the ISP!
  4. Does anyone ever answer the phone at ISP licensing division? My dad has been calling multiple times a day for the past few days. He is trying to renew his FOID, and he is at 45+ days since renewing. He calls and the phone just rings, and he never can talk to anyone. It doesn't matter what option he chooses, what time of day, it just rings.
  5. Im at two months of "under review" for my address change... I have been trying all day to reach someone at ISP for an update. The phone automation system keeps telling me to call back when I select "0".
  6. I was just in a Kmart within the last week...no signs noticed.
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