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  1. That's specifically for a medical card holder and not recreational. The produced another document when the recreational law became active. I'll find the document, it may be a paper copy in my binder.
  2. I can't quote the cannabis law on this but... I wonder if it's just like buying booze for someone else as a gift. As long as they are of legal age and your not willingly getting someone so drunk they hurt themselves it's legal? At least at the state level.
  3. I have not heard of a situation in which a recreational purchase has caused anything other than an approved background check. However, there's several different personal opinions on the matter that are conflicting but not wrong even though they conflict. The ISP produced a FAQ when recreational use became legal in Illinois. I can't find it or know how to share it but it's out there. In my personal opinion the ISP Faq provides an answer but at the end of the day it's on the individual to mark the form accordingly.
  4. An FFL can take firearms from someone that doesn't have a FOID. They just need a valid state ID for the purpose of logging the firearms into the FFL's books. Once that happens, the FFL would take possession of the firearms and would not be able to transfer the firearms back without the person having a FOID Card.
  5. Applied 18 Dec 2018 Expired 28 Feb 2019 Active 22 Mar 2019 I am an instructor if that matters or not. The thing was under review / QC verified all the way up to today.
  6. Did you do the inspect element trick? Mine read, under review the entire time until it went active. Only the inspect element let me know its progression. I do not know about the trick, help is appreciated.
  7. Mine expires tomorrow (28 Feb). Renewal submitted b18 December 2018, still under review that's over 2 months with no change. It looks like mine is taking too long and don't know why.
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