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  1. You are correct sir! A stroll through Wal Mart and if yours sells ammo check it out. Congrats!!
  2. Walmart thread forever! I am proud to be a member of this forum and to make this my 1000 post.
  3. By responding to posts and offering info or opinions. Or by saying IBTL, or IN BEFORE THE LOCK, in whole or in part, many, many, many times...IBTL. Like that.
  4. Not always true. The Wal Mart in Vernon Hills does not sell any ammo, the Dick’s down the street does, so it’s not a town thing.
  5. Buy from a dealer in Illinois. The Fed regulations only apply to interstate commerce and US Territories (Guam, DC, etc). Or buy from one of the many online dealers who don't require paperwork (I don't endorse this option, but it exists). Just placed a order with Adams International in Edwardsville, talked to a nice lady named Crystal.
  6. So next week, if the governor does not veto or does not sign the bill, it becomes law. Is there some type of announcement or is it posted someplace?
  7. Whatever day the bill is enacted, what are the odds that the online retailers will ship to Illinois?
  8. One reason might be since the CCL expires in 5 years and the FOID in 10 years, if you decide to not carry, you can still own and purchase firearms and ammo.
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