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  1. Maybe I should put on a tin foil hat, but it could be possible that the anti-gun crowd created the signs and is posting them at all walmarts, hence many managers not knowing what is going on with them, but since it does look like an official walmart sign (copyright walmart blah blah blah), the management is hesitant to remove it. Of course this also banks on the assumption that there is no internal communication between stores and corporate. Unfortunately being Illinois, it would not surprise me at all if there is some "outside influence" on whoever is over IL walmart stores.
  2. Looks like a lot of us have contacted walmart corporate, anyone receive a response yet? I emailed them on Thursday, haven't even gotten an automated response yet. this makes me think 2 things 1) Corporate is coming up with an across the board response to everyone and will change the signs or take them down all together 2) The sign design is purposeful and they do not plan on addressing it
  3. I googled walmart corporate email address. it took me to their corporate "contact us" page, where they have a form you fill out and submit to them, along with what store it is in reference to.
  4. Saw the sign at the wally world in Carmi (southern IL) today after work. I will email corporate. As I see it, it is a valid sign, despite their obvious intention that it only apply to on duty employees and vendors.
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