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  1. The new automated system is skewing the average processing times. Look at the increased backlog of FOID renewals vs the decrease in FOID renewal processing time. Would be nice to see the median processing time.
  2. Just found out I'm moving out of state and I've thought about disputing the charge. Maybe not the FOID fee until after I move but thought about the CCL now. If so, I just wouldn't carry until I move in a few months. August will be 18 months on my FOID and 11 months on my CCL renewal.
  3. While it's great to see people recently submitting apps get approved in record time, I don't think those in control are doing it with good intentions. I suspect they are prioritizing newly submitted apps over the backlog to drive down processing times. That way they can claim it's getting better and recently submitted apps are being processed within the required time frames. Why else would they not process the apps in chronological order?
  4. Today is the one year anniversary of applying for my FOID renewal and I'm still waiting. My CCL was to expire in Sept last year so I may have gone to the back of the line when I applied for that renewal. I called the ISP a few months ago and the person only mentioned my CCL renewal date. However, that person didn't sound too knowledgeable so who knows. Maybe I'll get my FOID an CCL by Christmas.
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    In Manhattan. They did a great job on my Benelli last year. https://www.gibbsguns.com/
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