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  1. Just logged into ISP portal and noticed that CCL now shows printed 2/25/2022. Received my card with indicator as Y a couple weeks back so hopefully they are sending a new corrected card. thanks everyone for the help and sharing our experiences.
  2. Just logged in ISP portal and noticed that my CCL now shows 2/25/2022 printed. The card I received a couple weeks back had the Y indicator. hopefully I’ll get a new corrected card.
  3. LOL I have FL, AZ and Utah. Which all arrived on or before their specified time frame to process. Also sent an email to isp.askfoidandccl@illinois.gov letting them know about the Y issue with my card. Figured if they hear from enough of us they might take action and issue corrected cards. Thx again for the information.
  4. Does your combo card show Y in indicator or CCL. Appears the Y is an error and should show CCL. My card arrived 2/11 and shows Y
  5. THANK YOU! Indeed would like a new card with the CCL noted. Hopefully they are aware of who received the cards with a Y.
  6. Rereading my above post, it appears a bit harsh and that was not my intent. I am truly appreciative of the information shared here by captdan and the team. thx!!!
  7. I’m sure in Illinois. But how about other states? Nothing on my new card states CCL. just: indicator Y I could see this causing a potential problem with other states we can carry in. BTW thank you for clarifying this mystery.👍🏻 Would be great to understand where you got your info. as I’m new around here…. But have lurked for years.
  8. Mine was shown as printed on 1/27/22 postmarked 2/08 received 2/11/22 however the indicator shows as Y not CCL my guess is they have a software/code problem.This caused the delay for some and a few got out in the wild with the Y before the printer could stop shipment. hoping I don’t need a new card…
  9. Same boat as others with the “Y” print date 1/27/2022 concerned that they had a software screw up and now we will need a new card.
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