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  1. Yes, I am specifically talking about adult recreation use. not MMC Thank you! Do you know anyone that hasn't had a problem?
  2. I am not and have never been a user of adult use/recreational marijuana, but have picked some up for a family member. I know that ISP has stated that FOID and CCL will not be revoked for the adult use in Illinois since the legalization/decriminalizing of marijuana. I have also read that it is illegal for dispensaries to keep/share information on individuals that have made purchases from them. I have heard (conspiracy theories?) that if you purchased marijuana from a dispensary, that your name would be in a database and therefore if you attempted to purchase a firearm from an FFL dealer you would get denied and ultimately have your FOID/CCL revoked. My question has anyone actually filled out a 4473 and purchased a firearm from an FFL after making a legal (in Illinois) purchase from a dispensary?
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