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  1. One more for the WILL ship ammo to Chicago list (with emailed FOID): https://firearmsdepot.com/
  2. Lost Causes: Gunbuyer.com keendynamics.com southernmunitions.com I live in Chicago.
  3. I received ammo from gunzonedeals.com with an upload of my FOID.
  4. I think it was a Paul Harrell video where he talked about the [potential] problems with your carry ammo choice: one being that people could be profiled based on carrying ammo that police used (because serial killers liked to copy what police did), etc. So if you're carrying Critical Duty, maybe a State's Attorney could go after you, if they so chose. OTOH, carrying RIP ammo could say something about you, too. Whatever you carry, make sure you have an attorney (carry insurance) and clearly state your 6th Amendment right to one if arrested for a self-defense shooting.
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