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  1. I wanted to give an update on things. I mailed my appeal papers as Molly advised in Nov 2020. I checked the status today and it is active and no longer denied. The issue date is 6/30/2021 so I expect to get it soon in the mail. I haven't received an email or any mailing giving me a status. I have just been periodically checking to see if the status ever changes to active and it has now. Thanks again for all of your help Molly.
  2. What two forms did they send you to sign and return? They only sent a request for foid appeal and instructions but the letter says it should also include a request for investigation and waiver of liability. I found that on their site.
  3. That application is not identical to what I filled out when initially applying or reporting it stolen. There was more wording to the question online. Your application would definitely be a clear no. It's a clear no regardless, it's a state form, marijuana medical or recreational are legal here. Like Nancy Reagan said, just say no. Pretty sure this is what she was referring to. Thank you for your help.
  4. That application is not identical to what I filled out when initially applying or reporting it stolen. There was more wording to the question online. Your application would definitely be a clear no.
  5. Thanks for the additional insight on how to appeal. I agree, the exact wording matters but if I recall correctly, it was not only about addiction but also use of state or federally classified controlled substances. I have an MMC as I personally suffer from two of the qualifying conditions which makes me a marijuana user and fall into the yes category. In the instance of your example of using hydrocodone, that does not mean you are addicted but it does mean you are using it. The affidavit for question 5 states, "The stated reason for the denial is that on my application I indicated that within past year (preceding the date of my application), I have used or been addicted to any controlled substance or narcotics in violation of state or federal law." This would mean the question ask about use and addiction, as well as narcotics and controlled substances. There needs to be some way or instruction for MMC holders to answer the question correctly. Otherwise, you will answer honestly and appeal or answer no which I would think is illegal.
  6. I don't recall exactly but I believe it asked about use of state of federal controlled substances. Unfortunately, that was a few months ago so I don't recall the exact wording.
  7. I understand MMC is not a denial for FOID but the application leaves you no way to indicate that. The question must be answered with a yes if being honest because marijuana is illegal federally. However, I'm not certain on the correct way to handle the appeal/the answers to my initial questions.
  8. My bag was stolen with my wallet containing my FOID. I reported it May 31st and received a letter two days ago saying it was denied because I answered yes to the drug question. I did that because I have a medical marijuana card now. I didn't have it years ago when I first applied for the FOID. There was no specific question for MMC and answering no when marijuana is still illegal federally would be lying (seems that way to me). I looked in the forum and saw someone do something similar but I'm unclear if I need to send in something saying the question was answered incorrectly. Right now, it is only requesting I fill out two forms and send any supporting documents. My questions are: 1. Was I supposed to answer no? Doesn't seem very clear on the expectation for MMC cardholders. 2. Does anyone have any idea how long the appeal process takes? 3. I wanted to get my conceal carry. I'm guessing this needs to be straightened out first or can I do both simultaneously (start the appeal for the FOID and still start the conceal carry process). Maybe that will allow me to clarify things faster than an appeal? Thank you in advance for any input. I did a search on this forum but didn't find the exact answer I needed. If there is another post answering these questions, feel free to just post the link.
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