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  1. I was not expecting so many replies. Thank you all so much and I'm glad to be here!


    My father has a FOID and there are no restrictions in the county I or he lives in other than the standard Illinois restrictions.


    But the whole situation just had me thinking and I watched some YouTube videos and it makes you question the Integrity of the common gun safes, let's just say the ones that can be had for $500-800. I cannot afford no fancy $5,000 safe either but we are looking into getting an alarm system now. The safe I have has been bolted down and hidden as much as possible in a usually locked room since the day I've gotten it.


    I would definitely keep something here in case the situation ever presented itself where I needed a firearm but I do want to get what I normally don't use at the range somewhere safer than here since we have Prowlers in the neighborhood.


    All the information was very helpful and I really appreciate all you guys who took time to reply!

  2. Hi, this may be a silly question but my friend just moved and we're both excited about it and he wants me to come stay with him for a week, kind of breaking in the house so to speak, he lives by himself at the moment. He does not have a FOID card, but I do have a FOID. Would it be all right if I brought one of my firearms with me while I stayed there for a week? I do not have a ccl if that matters but did recently apply. I'm just wondering if I could bring a Firearm with me and keep it in the room I'm staying in. If it matters any I have a cheap gun cabinet that I can bring with me. Thanks
  3. Thanks again to Molly and everyone for the advice... I didn't get an apology from the State Police for wrongly taking my 2nd amendment rights but after 2 years and 3 weeks they returned them and my FOID was in the mail this morning. Now to file an appeal to get my ccl returned as well..

    Its been one year 10 months since the ISP revoked my foid for charges against me that were expunged in 1989. Yesterday Senator Stewards (45th district) office placed a call to the Illinois state police on my behalf, Im now on the list to get my appeal reviewed

    Awesome. Always like reading stories like these. But my question is why do they even issue Foid cards, just to revoke them? Can't they see this stuff before they even issued one?

  4. Hi everybody, I'm still waiting for my address change to go through, Thank You Molly B. Quick question, I did the inspect elment and now it is showing qc verified and approved but it is not in bold, only submitted is highlighted in bold but I checked on monday and it did not have qc verified or approved next to submitted, although it is not in bold would it mean my card is almost approved?
  5. Thanks for the fast replies and thanks for having me on board! So I could possibly be waiting another two months, if not longer? This is absolutely ridiculous. Makes me want to pack up and move, among other things making me feel that way. I can't do anything right now and I'm not happy about it since I was expecting maybe 60 day wait at most and in my mind I was thinking that was generous and I would receive it sooner than that, since it was supposed to be a simple address change. I can't even buy ammo at this time.


    My foid has/had been active since 2015 (not counting this address change situation) and back then I remember getting it in exactly 4 weeks to the day (28 days) from the time I first applied and they took my payment to the time it was issued and in my hand (I also confirmed that on their website). It expires in 2025 and I hope things are sorted out by then.


    I think I'll try first thing in the morning Monday and just do that daily until I get through. All the times I called have been mid afternoon since I'm at work during the week but Im going to have to risk making the call at work, this is far too long of a wait and I have not recived any response via email. Thanks

  6. I created an account because I'm looking for some answers. Instead of starting a new thread I figured I would just comment on this one I seen.


    How long does it take for them to process an address change with the foid card? It's been over 4 months and I'm still under review. Can't get ahold of anybody whatsoever in any way shape or form. Has anybody been waiting longer than me? I can't believe this...

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