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  1. Doesn’t really matter what they feel lol or is that how do they’re job ? Instead of actually going by law
  2. Accidentally discharged the firearm inside their were no charges or anything file against me they gave me back all my belongings including my foid
  3. I've recently gotten my handgun confiscated temporarily from the local police and tried to retrieve it today and was told I'm not allowed to posses any firearm besides a shotgun until I'm 21 i am currently 20 years old, I've contacted and talked to multiple different people including molly who is well know and educated on this stuff that have told me any person between 18-21 may acquire a handgun as long as its not from a licensed dealer or FFL and the person is also a resident of Illinois , I guess I'm just looking for the real answer so that i can figure out what i need to do to retrieve my handgun anyone got any ideas ?
  4. Filed for a Foid card 02/02/2020 so it’s been about 2 months , status still says under review was wondering if any one else were having very long wait times for new applications ?
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