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  1. I know this is an old post, but for anyone still reading it.... Yes, Molly is truly the Guru of all things ISP. I could not be where I am had it not been for her help. Just short of 10 months since I sent in my application, I finally have my FOID & CCL on hand! Don't know if I hold the record for longest wait, but I'd like to think 297 days is pretty long! Needless to say, I'm stoked to have them both!!!
  2. InterestedBystander... When I came to the US over 20yrs ago, I learned very quickly how cumbersome only having 1 name was due to technology! I reached out to Molly and hoping she can help, but I think you're right and I agree with you....I'm at the mercy of the ISP.
  3. No offense taken, Bubbcas. Posting my actual name would make things so much simpler, but for purposes of privacy and explanation, let's say my name is Bartholomew, and since that's a long name to be called, I go by Bart. Because my birth certificate only has Bartholomew, my driver's license reflects that. But, since computer systems always require a First and Last name, I have used Bart Bartholomew on almost everything, including my bank accounts, gym membership, loans etc. That was how I originally submitted my FOID/CCL application, which came back as my names not matching. If you remember the ISP website, there's no place to explain my situation. So putting that note on the middle and last name slots was the only creative way I could think of. Seemed like it worked since a day later the website reflected my name as only 1 name. As for my handle name, it's like Bar-tho-lo-mew would equate to BTLM.
  4. Thank you Bubbacs & BigJim. Funny but true, but the only rhetorical explanation I give when people ask me about my name is to consider names such as Madonna or Prince! My birth certificate only has 1 name, and so does my IL driver's license. When I lived in IN for a year, the BMV there literally told me they couldn't figure out how to print my driver's license due to only having 1 name. The solution? Hang on to your IL license!!!! In any case, this is a new application for a FOID and CCL. I know the descrepency in my name and how I originally applied is probably the crux of the problem because my wife, who applied at the same time I did, received her FOID in 30ish days. I had hoped the correction I made almost 2 months ago, and the correction made on the website by the State Police, would've resolved the problem by now. I will definitely shoot Molly a message and see if she may have any additional advice. Bubbacs- when you pronounce my 1 name, it breaks into 3 parts phonetically! LRZ is the beginning letter of those 3 parts!
  5. Hello all.... I'm really hoping to get some advice/help/direction. I applied for my FOID and CCL on 3/19/2019. It is 7/20/2019 and I still have not received it. I'd even settle for a denial, just so I have some clue of what's going on. But the status on the ispfsb website keeps saying in process. I've tried to call, even sent an email, but to no avail. Now, what I will say is right around 4/19, the website said the name I provided did not match my license. I only have 1 name, and my license says so. However, computer systems won't let you get past with just 1 name. So as a correction, I entered the following: First name: (my actual name) Last name: license only has 1 name. Middle name: sys does not allow 1 name About 2 days later, the website update my info with just 1 name. That was about 2 months ago, and I've had no update since. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do?
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