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  1. Thanks for your input. "Ill-annoy" definitely over complicates things! In Ohio, it was much simpler. Like I said I hope this doesn't delay anything. If it did, it will probably be a minor delay since I only filled out the online application 3 days ago. I will be in touch with Molly B to see if I can learn more.
  2. skinnyb82, Yes it is FOID 110% sure. It says "Your Firearm Owner's Identification Card", Status - Under Review. While I do see the other panel that lists "Your Concealed Carry License", the status is listed as; Status - Not on File. When I did the initial application I don't believe it asked for a 10 year residence history. It was once I logged into the ISP site to check on my FOID application status. It lists my FOID number, application number. Above that I see my name, address, phone, and email address. If I click on the button to edit the address listed, it asks me to enter 10 years of residence history. But yeah, when I did the initial application I don't recall anything about entering my residence history. I just had to enter my current address at that point in time. I think the name, address, and other personal information is linked to the account in general.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum. However, I have been reading posts off and on here for sometime. I decided to finally make an account. I just applied for my FOID card 3 days ago on my 21st birthday. It appears that they processed my payment either sometime yesterday or sometime today as I now have an application number in addition to a FOID number when I log into their site. Hopefully this is a signal of the FOID process moving along in a timely fashion. I did notice some few strange things when checking up on my application today. Now that they issued me an application number after processing my payment, I have been able to click links to edit my name, address, etc. I noticed that when I clicked on my name, the ISP has added a Maiden Name which is listed as my current name. I am a male, and this is my "original" last name that I've had since birth. I definitely didn't type anything into this field when I applied. So I went ahead and removed it and a message came up saying the submitted date on my application has changed to the current date of when I changed this information. I was wondering if any of you experienced anything like this? I also clicked the link for my address (which was correct) and I noticed it was asking for the past 10 years of residencies. I went ahead and filled out my last few addresses that made up more than 10 years and the same message came up on my screen. I hope this doesn't reset the 30 day period of waiting. If it did, it's not too big of a deal as I only applied 3 days ago but any delay still isn't preferred. Also, does anyone have an idea of what the current wait times might be? I previously lived in a state that didn't have any sort of firearm permit so this is slightly new to me as someone who will be a firearm owner for the first time. I would appreciate some input. Thanks!
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