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  1. Fwiw, Applied 8/5/22 Active 8/24/22 Card received 9/14/22 Now to see how long ccl takes after this weekend.
  2. Thanks. I'll wait before calling then. My local shop accepted the e-card atleast.
  3. Yeah, I'd much rather have my physical card. But I have no idea when it's going to actually arrive. Planned to swing over to Missouri anyhow for the range. We don't have any "good" ones that I know of around here that aren't member only. Don't know enough people just yet, as I have to be sponsored to join. Thanks! If anyone knows how to know WHEN it actually ships, please let me know. Or how long it actually takes for it to arrive at the house from "print date". That would be helpful too.
  4. Today has been 10 days since my Foid Card went active. How many days is everyone seeing until their physical cards arrived? My Ecard is showing on the site, can I use that to go to the range? And can I transport my pistol in a range bag "not in a case"? I'm taking my CCL class next week.
  5. Don't share this secret with anyone, please. It seems that if you press "0" as soon as you get the recording, you go to the message that says they will connect you shortly rather than the message telling you they are busy and you should call back later. Wait time varies. Only 2 minutes this morning to speak to the lovely woman who answered all of my questions. Please be polite and appreciative. These folks are short staffed and doing the best they are allowed and able to do. Your secret is safe with me!
  6. Correct, there is a 30 day time limit. But they tack on the "printing and shipping" as additional time. When they were emailed to inquire on a Friday (if I remember correctly), that following monday it went "ACTIVE". She then received the email stating it would be 10-20 additional days. It arrived 3 days later in the mailbox. But also, NO you would not be able to purchase a firearm without matching ID/FOID addresses. (was even worse for my wife due to her name also being different). I had also heard that some had issues with purchasing ammo as well. But heard that some were okay. We were informed that you would be "OK" with owning the firearms that you already have during the address change. But the whole thing seemed very sketchy to be honest. I'm not sure if they are just understaffed, or what. But they implemented this ridiculous policy of a paper ID that affords you your constitutional right. They should budget plan to handle the staffing needed for FOID/CCLs. It's not like FOID is something new. Good point, I've also heard that you should carry your FOID that hasn't been updated with you at all times until they provide your new one. I guess that goes without saying, but good note for others!
  7. Here is the email response received today.... "Your FOID application was approved. Please allow 10 to 20 days for delivery of your FOID card by US mail. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL UNLESS YOU HAVE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS."
  8. Well update.... She sent an email this weekend inquiring. As of 12-5-16 it now shows as ACTIVE. Guess she'll be getting her new card soon.
  9. We had recently bought a second home in April and officially moved in in June. While going through all of the bank/bills/credit cards/insurance address changes, i realized that my wife had not done an address change on her FOID. Let alone a name change (we have been married for 5 years), whoops. She previously had obtained a FOID card when we first met, due to my request to do so when we moved in together. (She doesn't personally own any firearms currently) Fast forward to my discovery of her FOID card as I was packing up the safe with her previous name and address on it. She went online on 10/20/16 and applied on the ISP website for a name and address change. But as of 12/3/16 it says that it is "under review". When you check the validity on the ISP site for transfer, it says that it is "NOT FOUND". She hasn't called yet to inquire about the card, but I had seen on the FOID inquiry email page in BOLD letters. "Effective January 1st, 2013, FOID card holders must reapply for a new FOID card within 21 days of an address change and within 30 days of a name change." Is she going to be in trouble? Or has anyone seen an address and name change this long? She has finally came around and wanted to learn to shoot/handle for her own protection. Thanks!
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