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    I have a spare tire too and the best IWB Holster for me is Black Arch Holsters https://www.blackarchholsters.com/
  2. I just moved so first I updated my address on my driver license. Then I updated my FOID and it cost $80 I tried to update my CCL but the update button was blocked out. The receipt shows they automatically updated my address on my CCL. My Neighbor said he only paid $5 to update his address on his FOID only so the CCL must be $75 It currently says Under review and I hope it doesn't take long for a new card because I have a gun waiting to be shipped to me.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Boomers-Blasters-159817534207367/?__tn__=%2Cd-k-R&eid=ARAqi5udyJD4debUUq2csFW23vZ6xXYbn796F85pO7W5dcrqqEAC2C-0TxdfA96cj4jX0wH2tTMLTEGO Boomers & Blasters say they are closing
  4. http://pic100.picturetrail.com/VOL610/3413303/24749168/414049598.jpg
  5. He moved back here 3 years ago and renewed his FOID in Feb 2018
  6. He does not have a CCL, he may of moved out of state and moved back, I will ask him tomorrow
  7. I was going to sell a rifle to a co worker today, deal was made and I told him I had to run a FOID check and he could pick it up tomorrow. ISP Check came back denied! We both couldn't believe it until we looked close at his card. It was issued in Feb of 2018 and expired August of 2018!
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