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  1. Yes, the firearm owner (me) is not an Illinois resident. The local friend/borrower is an Illinois resident. I didnt know if that was a problem legally if they did not have a FOID card. Ive been in gun shops over the years, some will hand you anything to look at *, some shops say if you arent a resident and have a FOID they cant even hand it to you to look at. Cant even touch it according to some. *And ive bought at least one from an Illinois dealer in the past, just paid for it and they shipped it to my home state dealer.
  2. What is current law regarding loaning a firearm to someone to shoot at a range, private shooting location, or in a match? This isnt a "take home" loan, but hand it to them at the site of the range or shooting match for temporary immediate use on premises. One factor, does it change anything that the loaner (gun owner) is a non-resident just visiting, and does the loanee have to have a FOID card to shoot someone elses gun at a range, private shooting location or match? I searched and couldnt find anything relevant to this question.
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