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  1. Are you 100% sure about that point 3? Police are VERY good at intimidating people and insisting they have a right to do something they clearly don't have the right to do. I'm guessing the average bank employee doesn't know about the forth and fifth amendment...or care. It's not their paperwork. That being said, the bank can't open the box without your key. They need to drill it out. I presume that's something that will definitely put the brakes on the demands of the police. By that time, perhaps a bank lawyer will be involved.
  2. This is actually pretty scary. I wonder why someone who deals with this stuff all day would be alarmed. Does anyone know of a case where an ACTIVE!!!! CCL holder opened fire on a cop at a traffic stop or traffic assist? I know police have to be on heightened alert all of the time. But, honestly, if I had a badge and I heard a person has a CCL, I think I'd be put at ease a little. Here's a person with no criminal history who has bothered to go through all the training and whatnot needed to get a CCL. In my mind, this is a calm and serious person. I do know of a case where someone with a CCL was gunned down by a cop at a traffic stop for no apparent reason.
  3. This is truly scary. It sure feels like a scam...but I wouldn't rule out shenanigans by the Cook Sheriff. I'd think if a person's FOID was really required by a LEO agency, they'd have someone lurk at your house until you came home. Whomever it is, I bet they didn't count on you having a surveillance cam.
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