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  1. Besides the whole 2nd Amendment stuff, I was really impressed by the DMV. I went there shortly after moving up here with my ILL drivers license along with the titles to my truck and motorcycle. I would say it took not much longer than about a 1/2 hour to walk out with brand new WI titles in hand, (Yes, new titles issued immediately), new WI plates, and a xerox copy of my new driver's license as they had to mail the new physical license about a week later. But I even upgraded to a Real ID one during the process that I never bothered to because of the hassle with ILL Sec of State. And I don't recall the exact amount for all the fees but it was tremendously less what ILL would have charged. And I no longer have to pay for the outrageously priced Chicago city stickers. Last renewal for my truck was almost $440 for a 2 year sticker. My car insurance went down too.


    Then there is no sales tax on food, cheaper gas, less traffic... Biggest downside though, I will get taxed on my pension by the state where ILL didn't. But there are enough advantages to make up for that. I may not stay here forever but I can say I will never be a resident of Illinois ever again...

  2. I'd be curious to know how these places process the catalytic converters for the precious metals. Do they do it or do they just send the converters off somewhere else? If they process them right away, I'm assuming one of the first things they do is dispose of the shell that would be painted and/or serialized. Recover the precious metals and then crush them and there's nothing to investigate. But, then the precious metals must go somewhere. Figure out where they are going and who is dealing in high volumes of these precious metals and that could be the start of the investigation. Follow it backwards and figure out a way to start shutting down the person(s) buying and dealing with the stolen converters. Without a buyer, the thieves lose a big incentive.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong but the places that the thieves take the stolen converters to pretty much know that they are stolen anyway. Especially if the same people continue to bring them converters in an ongoing basis. They couldnt care less obviously because if there wasnt a buyer for them, they wouldnt be stolen as much as they are.


    But the real reason that converters are stolen isn't because of the converters themselves but rather the precious metals inside. So merely spray painting or engraving them is a fools quest. It doesn't take long to get one with a battery operated Sawzall. This might be an issue in the short time that the thieves have possession on the off chance that they get stopped by an officer but I'm sure they dispose of them for quick cash as soon as they can. The precious metals get removed and the shell gets disposed of. Coming up with a way to prevent the theft or make it more difficult in the first place is the better solution.

  4. On 1/4/2022 at 8:45 PM, davel501 said:


    I do hate this one. Civilians need to act just like the rest of civilians. They can pay their fees to the crown and wait forever just like the rest of us. 

    I wouldn't consider a sworn Correctional Officer a civilian. Besides being sworn, they had to undergo many hours of specialized mandated training to be able to do their job. And they would also have to qualify every year unlike civilian CCL holders who only qualify every 5 years. And if a Correctional Officer fails to qualify during an annual qualification, they wouldn't be eligible to carry. And retired Officers would also be required to qualify every year unlike civilians and also pay an annual $75 fee if they want to carry as well as have a valid FOID card.

  5. The thing to be aware of is there is no, zero, nada, ordinances making shipping ammunition to Chicago. Unfortunately with the games being played over the years, many retailers just decide not to take any chances. There is only a limited number of retailers that understand this and will ship to Chicago. Unfortunately Chicago has not updated the list of active ordinances that the Illinois State Police along with ATF lists as prohibitions and restrictions. This is what the retailers who refuse to ship to Chicago go by. IMHO, if Illinois State Police along with ATF are going to publish same restrictions and prohibitions, they should also be required to verify that information on an annual basis.


    And since I am posting, I took a look at Bone Frog Gun Club the other night after seeing them listed as a GTG retailer. They offer a subscription to give you a discount on their ammo. They dont have a large selection but not too bad and their regular prices seem reasonable. But back to the subscription... Turns out they offer a free lifetime subscription to active military and veterans along with active and retired first responders. I went through the process and now have my free lifetime subscription. Now to follow through and order some ammo but I am not really needing anything in particular. I've been taking care of that a little at a time over the last several years...

  6. Thought this might help our situation... ATF has finally updated their published list of laws. They now have it broken down on their online site by state. For Illinois, it includes all the updated concealed carry including the preemption that the State has preempted all handgun laws over municipality ordinances. Surprisingly it only includes at the end of the document, ordinances for Aurora and for Chicago only. As far as Chicago, it details that the firearms dealers need a license if they are using a physical location inside of Chicago. As everyone here already knows, there is no ordinance prohibiting having ammunition shipped to them in Chicago and any dealers that take the time to review this will not find any prohibition. Illinois law already allows anyone with a valid FOID to have purchased ammunition shipped to them and that is also listed in this document under 430 ILCS 65/3. It says "ANY RESIDENT" and does not distinguish anything regarding any municipality ordinances. One thing ammunition related that Chicago does prohibit is 50bmg rounds and "armor piercing" ammo. Absolutely nothing else is listed under the prohibition. Another interesting thing I saw was in regards to "high capacity" magazines under Chicago's laws. It identifies them as having over 15rd capacity. So anything that is 15rds or less are good to go as well. I ways thought it was 12rds or less. Maybe now that this published through ATF, more dealers will jump on board and start selling to Chicago residents. Here is the link. Hopefully it works for you.



  7. Just the middle of last month, I was notified by my FFL while trying to do a transfer that my FOID came up as invalid. I was surprised because I have had it for a while and it's supposed to be good until 2021. I contacted someone down in the FOID section in Springfield. He ran my info and said my FOID was still showing as valid. He did say that they were in the process of switching to a new computer system. He mentioned to have my FFL try running my info but leaving out my middle initial and that should work. Not sure how my FFL guy ended up running my info but he did get the approval and I picked up my new firearm last week.
  8. I just came across this place and the prices seem ok. They mention Illinois under shipping restrictions in their Terms and Conditions section but that seems only that the FOOD needs to be sent to them and ammo can only be shipped to the address on the FOID. No mention of any restriction for Chicago. I have not used them yet but may in the future. Just passing this along...



  9. I've tried a number of the vendors listed in this thread, but none would ship to Chicago. I've contacted Selway Armory ( http://www.selwayarmory.com/) and they've agreed to ship to Chicago. Pretty good prices as well.


    Thanks for posting all of the information, it's been very helpful.

    +1 on Selway Armory. Glad you had a good experience with them. I have bought from them several times and they have always come through on decent prices and shipping to Chicago. I will continue to patronize them.

  10. Just a quick post giving 2 thumbs up to http://www.selwayarmory.com/ I placed an order with them for a bunch of ammo because they had some good prices including PMC .223 for $5.50 a box. I had created an account a while back but dont remember if I had to provide a copy of my foid. Anyway, I just received a notification that my order has shipped and to my Chicago address. I am very pleased and will use them again in the future.

  11. Hello, this is my very first post after registering. I have been following the forum as a guest for quite some time though. I was able to convince another seller to ship to Chicago and wanted to share. So you can add another to the list. http://www.kygunco.com Kentucky Gun Company. I ordered some ammo from them about a week ago. It had to come from their warehouse. Yesterday I got an email from Amanda who requested a copy of my FOID. I immediately copied it as an attachment and sent it. Next I got another email that mentions that because I live in Chicago, they were not going to be able to ship it to my address. I politely responded by sending a series of emails. First had the link and wording to FOID Act 430 ILCS 65/3 (b-5) about purchasing and having ammo shipped from out of state. I also included part of the Chicago Municipal Code. In a another email, after I had found this thread, I included a link to it so they could see all the other dealers that were willing to ship to Chicago and also pointed out post #14 by officedrone which had a link to show the current Municipal Code wording along with what was removed. Well it worked. I never got an email back but this morning I got a confirmation email that my order had shipped. I am guessing that they were at least willing to spend some time investigating and found out that it is ok. Just wanted to share.
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