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  1. On 12/17/2021 at 11:52 AM, vk60187 said:

    I have a CCL license, but I rarely carry, because, as I see it, we we are not allowed to carry to most places anyways, especially if you are living in an urban area.


    You want to pick up your kid from school?  Carrying on school property is criminal.  You must wait, like an idiot, on a public road.

    You want to go to the store?  WEll, better leave your gun in your car, because most stores have a no gun signs, so you are a criminal if you enter with your conceal carry weapon.

    Want to go to a playground with your child?  Leave your gun in your car or at home, if you are walking to the car.

    Want to take a ride on a CTA or Metro?  Leave your gun at home.


    Why don't they call "conceal carry license" as a "gun in the car" license?   Seems that is the only place you can legally carry.  

    OR ... you could move to a free state, like many of us have, (as soon as you have the opportunity) that doesn't subject its residents to "if this, then that" rules that are all "gotchas"

  2. I'm still wondering if you guys who didn't cancel the cards have a nasty background check surprise waiting for you upon expiration of your old cards. Maybe some of you moved to real free states and it really doesn't matter. My new sheriff is the type that would use Illinois' report as reason to deny/revoke a local CCL.

    TRJ - you're over thinking this -

    You can't revoke an existing CCL in a state you're a resident in because my FOID card expires in IL. of which I am no longer a resident.


    Further, there is no requirement for a former resident of the state of IL to cancel, or surrender a FOID. As a current non-resident, making the proper identification of my new residence, the card is no longer valid as soon as you are no longer a resident.


    Illinois ability to control your life with firearms expires when you wave bye-bye and cross state lines with all your worldly belongings never to return.

    IL can tax and harass whomever they like, it will not be those of us that have left the state.

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