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  1. I've been to the D5 location a couple times since it opened. The facility is beautiful and they clearly put a lot of money into the renovations. The first floor is handguns, ammo, and optics/accessories counter. The second floor is long guns and additional accessories. I did not get a chance to see the range facility, though I do know it was open because it was being used the last time I was there. In terms of prices, everything was about what I'd expect to see at "normal" current prices. Ammo was available, though with quantity limits on some calibers (9, 556, etc.), at standard current prices. The used gun selection is very limited, but the new gun selection is extensive. It is worth the trip in my opinion. It is maybe a couple miles from Marengo Guns, so if you have a travel pass, it is easy to hit both.
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