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    If the ISRA hadn't been asleep *for five YEARS* the revelations of $28,000,000 missing from the FOID/CCL/FSF would have been a pertinent inclusion to the case, plus the outrageous scheme of expired FOID = REVOKED CCL = RETROACTIVELY REVOKED FOID!!!


    I have seen cases of expired FOID = REVOKED CCL. I have not seen any cases of expired FOID = REVOKED CCL = RETROACTIVELY REVOKED FOID. I would very much like to see the specifics if you can share in a private message.

    Will do. I'll try to get copies and email them to you.


    the last line of the White County version reads:


    Obviously it's not in the form of a question, but it's just worded fancier than the rough draft/template my county board is starting from.


    The board members will discuss/debate the exact final wording and then vote on the final version that will appear on the ballot.

    The state's attorney liked that wording more than the other versions he'd seen, and recommended it be adopted without modification. It was best (IMHO) kept simple and to the point. Some versions get confusing about whether the YES or NO choice is in support or opposition of the "Whereas-es". Most of those I borrowed &/or modified from elsewhere when I wrote it. The resolution had already been approved months before. That was modified from the Madison County version, since they were reluctant to use the term "sanctuary." It was edited out, but I relied on stronger focus on oaths and Constitutionality.

  3. After all the "Whereas-es", the last line of the White County version reads:


    "The People of White County, Illinois are OPPOSED to all attempts by the Illinois General Assembly, in violation of their Oath of Office, to infringe upon the Constitutional Right of the PEOPLE to Keep and Bear Arms."


    Emphasis in original.

  4. Grundy Co will have a referendum question on the Nov 2020 ballot.





    Shall Grundy County oppose the passage of any bill where the Illinois General Assembly desires to restrict the individual right of United States citizens as protected by the second amendment?[/size]


    Outstanding! I have the language from White County if you need it. Shoot me a PM if you'd like. 18 Illinois counties did this last year, all 18 passed by an average of nearly 80% of voters...who also represent the jury pool. ;)

  5. Around 85 of the 95 counties in VA are now 2a sanctuaries, and many of the 30+ municipalities. The legislature is threatening (VA HB67) to arrest any police officer who refuses to comply and enforce whatever laws are passed. County board meetings have been attended by 3,000+ citizens in some cases, and there is a great deal of anger and outrage. Some boards authorized county funds to go toward local militia training and equipment. VCDL Lobby Day looks to have 10,000-50,000 in attendance.


    Gonna get sporty.

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