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  1. 90 to 120 days

    Were the old ones at least there’s?

    Keep those as the ones being ordered will take a bit, but you old ones are still good while you wait.


    Are you sure?

    Unless something changed, the first thing that happens is the old cars are deactivated.


    So even if you find a missing one it is not valid.


    You just have to wait months for a replacement.


    I think that is what MollyB was referring to.



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  2. Just as a historical footnote, the Walmart that was the original source of this thread (it was the one in Clinton) has shut its doors forever.

    COINCIDENCE?!?!? I think so.


    Clinton was not the original source for this topic, it was matteson.

    Which closed several years ago when the new store in Richton Park was opened, so I would not really count it as a closure, just a move.

    Also just about everything in Matteson has closed or moved.


    I don’t follow this thread much, just check in once or twice a year and I am still shocked how long it has lived.



    The OP.



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    I dealt with someone one here from Orland Park. When I mentioned that we should meet up somewhere a little more gun friendly, he said Orland was very pro gun. I don't understand how a village with ordinances like theirs against gun and ammunition dealers can be anywhere near pro gun.


    Like was said, politics.


    I moved out over 20 years ago, my folks over 10, but my MIL still lives there.

    Some of the things that go on there (library controversy) could make your head spin.

    My wife keeps up on Orland Politics a bit, I try to ignore it. I have enough to worry about with the state and our own town/school system.


    Politics as usual.


    And IIRC the gun store/range was owned or operated my an OP LEO, or ex OP LEO, but my memory is a bit foggy on that one.


    And for those that don't know, the police chief's claim to fame was getting shot in the Regan assassination attempt.

    Cannot doubt his heroism for that one, just don't agree with his politics.



    Not sure how long you have been there, but many moons ago, when I was but a wee lad, there was a range in the small mall.

    Kohls was a sporting goods store where I rode my bike over to buy all my gun magazines and dreamed about owning guns and right down from it the gun store/range.

    New mayor and new politics killed it off.


    Orland hills police station was in a house on 94th ave, really just a house among other houses, before a large drug bust funded the new station by Walmart.


    I have even talked to some people who bought their first gun from the hardware store that used to be on lagrange by SW highway.


    Funny thing is according to the CCW map, orland park had one of the higher rates of issued permits in the state, as much or higher than my area down here in corn country.

  5. Just to bring this thread full circle-

    I just got off the phone a little while ago with a student having issues applying for his Cary permit.

    He works for Walmart, loss and prevention and travels to multiple stores in his area.


    I mentioned the signs and he says- 'oh yeah, I put a lot of those signs up'


    Didn't think to ask then, but knowing the area he works there is a high probability he put up the sign that originally started this thread.


    Just found it humorous.



  6. Confirmed posted at Matteson Walmart.


    It seems that the sign is trying to allow customers to carry, but reminding employees and vendors that they are not allowed to carry, but I don't think the IL signage works that way.


    If an IL 430 66/65 is posted at all, then as far as I know no one can carry under the FCCA, Walmart cannot make up their own ru;es about it.


    And the sign is copyright walmart, so I'm assuming it was posted by walmart.


    I will try to upload/post the image I have later.



  7. Edit 01/16/2014- It seems that Walmart is pulling down the signs.



    I was just sent an email with a Walmart concealed carry prohibited sign. I am trying to verify if this was seen in person or was something online.

    It is an IL specific sign, with additional wording-

    This prohibition applies only to on-duty Walmart associates and Vendors. (on the top)


    ©2013 Wal-mart stores, Inc (on the bottom)


    As far as I know there is no way to change the legal meaning of the IL prohibition sign/language, it's either prohibited or it's not.


    Any thoughts (assuming this is real, still waiting on confirmation)


    Walmart prohibited sign




    Edited to add link to Walmart prohibited sign

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