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  1. http://exammo-com.3dcartstores.com/Extraordinary Ammo WILL NOTSHIP TO CHICAGO. sent them a copy of the act, along with highlighting the proper portions. even charged me a $10 "restocking" fee, even though their website makes NO mention of not shipping to chicago. bad bad BAD! please take them OFF the list of places that ship to chicago. not sure why they were added to this list.That's BS, since their shipping restriction is 100% company policy and not because of any laws.


    I'd call my credit card company and dispute the $10 charge. They have no business charging you a restocking fee when they were the ones canceling the order!


    What a shady company!

  2. I received my card order from cjurczak yesterday as well. They're great looking cards and I'm looking forward to handing them out. I even split a portion of my order into several smaller stacks and passed them along to friends and coworkers. My thinking is that more cards in circulation means they'll make a larger impression on Illinois businesses!


    Hats off to cjurczak for coordinating all of this! Thank you, sir!

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