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  1. On 2/25/2022 at 9:58 PM, Konyo312 said:

    I received my FOID/CCL card today.  I did not receive any notification that it had been issued.  I was notified earlier this month that it had moved to the background check queue.

    Applied 1/19/21 with training and no prints.

    403 days from application to card in hand.

    I checked the ISPFSB site and my FOID has an expiration date in 2032.  CCL states 2027.  So it’s 10y and 5y from this month.  Surprised that it is a full 5y and another 10y on FOID.  My FOID had a 2023 expiration date.

  2. Change in my application status.  It is under Review.

    “We have completed our initial review of your submission and have determined that all necessary items are present. Your application has been moved to the background review queue.”


    Submitted renewal 1/19/20 with training and no prints.

    I submitted my drivers license online renewal the other day.  No idea if there is any connection.

  3. Checked my FOID and CCL expiration dates on ispfsb site.  They no longer state COVID-19.  The original dates are restored.  CCL expired and still waiting on renewal submitted January 2021.  Still under review; no status change.


    Hopefully with the end of COVID, they will start processing and complete in 90-120 days.


    So now that my CCL is no longer extended under COVID and officially expired, I can’t legally carry, correct?

  4. I’m still under review for CCL renewal. It has been 7 months since I submitted my application, and 4 months since the expiration on my card. The COVID expiration is set to 18 months after the termination of the disaster declaration.

    I looked up the declaration and latest filing was July 23 and says it is for 30 days. I guess they renew it every 30 days. There sure are a lot of “whereas” clauses.

    Anyway, I’m planning to take a South Carolina CWP course in early September and apply for a non-resident permit. Already have my property proof paperwork ready to go. I would bet that gets approved and issued before my Illinois CCL.

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