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  1. That is a defacto declaration of war on the citizens. The introduction of that legislation demands an immediate federal inquiry and arrest of all the perpetrators for human rights violations. He must be immediately removed from his office as is demanded by all people who commit acts of sedition. He would legally have forfeited his rights as a citizen and could by all legal standards be considered an enemy combatant of the people and delt with by tribunal of the people. 


    That is not a very wise move on his part. I do not and will not advocate violence. However I do advocate the protection of human rights and whatever course of action is required to maintain those rights, is morally and legally justified. 

  2. Yes, because I am a law abiding citizen. Confused why you would ask. What was your point? Many things are infringements on our liberties that the honest and law abiding follow while challenges work their way through the political and judicial process. Edit: I did not learn anything I did not already know and several things were technical errors, but I smiled, nodded,shot a perfect high/score, got my certificate and left. On the original and the renewal from 2 different "instructors." Both very nice guys.
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