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  1. These are not judges. They are marxist puppet criminals. We the people demand they be arrested and held for violation of rights under color of law, conspiracy to deprive rights, abuse of human rights, if anyone is injured or killed because of a lack of access to Arms in common use, they must be tried for manslaughter for material contribution.


    Any officer of government who participates in this abuse in any manner must be arrested and charged. This includes all state level politicians, governor, attorney general, members of the state police etc. The democrats have set the standard so we have no choice but to unleash the full prosecutorial force after the next election. In the meantime impeachment proceedings MUST BE INITIATED AGAINST THESE JUDGES. Our constitution demands these criminals be punsihed in  a substantial and meaningful way to make an example to all tyrants that these abuses will not be tolerated. 

  2. Someone had a guy who knew a guy who got an email. There is nothing on the ISP site so.....   what does "completed" or "finalized" even mean in this context.


    There has been no guidance issued to FFLs and all the ones I have spoken with have been advised by counsel that if the background check came back before 4pm on Thursday the transaction is allowed due to precident set by the state allowing and approving such sales during the TRO and the injuction. It would be a violation of federal law to act otherwise and ex-post facto enforcement. 



  3. I want restitution from the Democrat Party (they are a private, members only organization and subject to suit) for the Civil rights violations I have been subject under the 2nd Ammendment.


    FOID is clearly unconstitutional per Bruen.




    Constitutional carry, open and concealed


    Eliminate sensitive places, especially school which have NEVER been considered sensitive places. 


    Waiting periods



  4. On 2/8/2023 at 10:23 AM, Jeffrey said:

    I guess anyone who enjoys a glass of wine must just love to be a drunk...

    Refer Madness worked on some.

    Occasional recreational use of a substance and chronic use are substantially different. I choose the rarely even drink anymore, preferring clarity of thought and purity of body. But you do you brother. I support whatever desires and dreams you have for your life. You will enjoy that life more if you are honest with yourself about why you chose to use substances and the detrimental impact that have on all aspects of your life. 

  5. Wow some very "high" responses.  Just shows how badly pot affects their cognitive and reasoning abilities. They lash out in an infantile reaction of assumptions. I am very familiar with how Marijuana works lol. I was in heavy metal bands in the 80s and am no stranger to many substances. 


    But as I stated before there is always a better alternative. I have watched the results of chronic pot use on friends over the decades as well as professionals that I work with since scoring their medical pot discount card.


    The results are always the same, obsession with all thing pot and pot related, decreased energy, drive, motivation, cognitive capacity, work quality, work output etc. 


    I am a constitutional libertarian and don't care if you drink Drano or snort Ajax. Just admit the truth that you like to get high.

  6. If the people with Extra Constitutional Rights get there Blue privilege REVOKED then it will all end. It will be funny if they pass it again and make them all have to leave their assault pistols at the station. Lol.  Next get rid of the crap where they carry all over the US using the same argument. Once they are reduced to mere citizen status, attitudes will change. 

  7. The sherrifs could call for a posse and arrest any state police or other felons who were breaking the law. The law would be, deprivation of rights under color of law. If the Pigster was found to have ordered that felony then he could be arrested by posse in whatever county he is directing the conspiracy.  This could also be done to any rogue extremist local police departments who try to enforce this illegal action. They could all be placed under arrest by the posse. This is established law and there is nothing radical about it. One would hope the felon LEOs would be cooperative because if they attempted to use violence, every posse member has the right ro return home to their family and posse safety always comes over corrupt law enforcement safety. 

  8. Well since the Governor and Legislature are committing felony deprivation of rights under color of law as well as active insurrection and sedition against the courts and country. All whom participated in this should be immediately arrested and held without bail until trial. They have demonstrated by their actions that they are domestic terrorists and a clear and present danger to the state and country. Any officer who does not move to enforce the law and arrest the offenders should tender his or her resignation today.

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