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  1. A Walmart safe? Couldn't you just break into it with a Walmart screwdriver? $60 for the safe, 99 cents for the screwdriver.
  2. I'm pretty sure Molly will have much better answers then me. PM her. I was just wondering if once you had a valid FOID in hand, did you get your guns back? As for concealed carrying you will need a physical CCL. Since you are Active and the ISP has it, why haven't they returned it?
  3. Did you get your guns back after your FOID was received? If not, that would be my first step. Then I would send Brandan Kelly another certified letter. Ask him where your ACTIVE CCL is because you didn't receive it. Molly will probably have a better answer.
  4. Can anyone clarify how to file a Petition in the Circuit Court asking for reinstatement of a wrongfully suspended CCL License? Example of Petition, included paperwork, time required to get a hearing, result of hearing? Sent first letter to Kelly 10-8-2020 by fax and certified mail: NO RESPONSE Sent second letter to Kelly 10-20-2020 by fax and Certified mail CCL TO ACTIVE NOW TO GET MY GUNS BACK AFTER FIVE MONTHS. NOW WE WILL SEE HOW LONG IT TAKES TO RELEASE MY WEAPONS FROM THE EVIDENCE VAULT! I would be pretty happy after all of that. 5 months and you get your guns back. On 10/9 you didn't even think there was a "Brendan F. Kelly". Get your guns back and stay away from whoever filed the EOP on you. This is Illinois, 5 months is like 5 days. Have you ever seen "The Wrath of Khan"? Spock: "The situation is grave, Admiral. We won't have main power for six "days". Auxiliary power has temporarily failed. Restoration may be possible, in two "days". By the book, Admiral." It's all clever lies, The Wrath of JB.
  5. I like it too but there is a saying about an ice cube? I forget the rest but I think the ice cube was evil or something.
  6. Confusing and or a little murky. Good advice about the FOID. My wife doesn't shoot (yet). But she has a FOID, just so she could legally "posess" firearms should something happen to me. So you currently "posess" but don't have a FOID? My question is what kind of rifle is this? Unless it's very valuable or has significant sentimental value it's probably not with the trouble adding the complication to your already complicated situation. Sell/consign it at a local shop (if legal) or turn in to the police. Sell/consign it at a local shop (if legal) not legal, ex didn't transfer it and it's his gun that he should of taken care of in 48 hours. Turn in to the police, legal and statute requires this to happen in 48 hours after FOID revocation notice received. The whole thing is a mess with missing details, turn it in and be done with it. Let cops check box "My firearms are being retained by a law enforcement entity." Rifle is probably never seen again.
  7. Did I imagine that I said ? So we are both on the same page then, yes? What threw me was ISP = cops.
  8. Yes, whats your point? The ex has a revoked FOID. The SIL doesn't want the rifle in her house. The law says he has to turn in the FOID to the police. He also has to complete THE ILLINOIS STATE POLICE FIREARM DISPOSITION RECORD How long does he have to turn in his FOID and get rid of any firearms? Which is actually spelled out: You are required to comply with these requirements within 48 hours of receiving notice from the Illinois State Police (430 ILCS 65/9.5) Did he receive notice? From the OP I would say yes.
  9. It's the ex-husband's choice what happens to the rifle, not the sister-in-law's. Disposing of someone's property without their permission is theft. Even if he doesn't have a FOID, it's still his property. If the ex-husband doesn't have anyone with a FOID willing to hold the rifle for him, pretty much the sister-in-law's only choice (since she doesn't want it in her house) is to turn it over to the cops. Of course, if he consents to have your family hold it for him, then he does actually have someone with a FOID willing to hold it for him. But it's his decision, not hers, to make. Since she does not want the rifle in what I presume is her house and the ex has a revoked FOID, there is nothing illegal about turning it over to the ISP. She can say they knocked on the door and took it in response to the revoked FOID. Let the ex deal with it, she can legally turn it over to the ISP. He has had his FOID revoked and the ISP has every right to come get the card and any guns. https://www.ispfsb.com/Public/Firearms/FOID/RevokedFOIDCards.aspx
  10. Not at all legal advice... Reading your post again, it seems like your wife or stepson could take the gun, as both are eligible to have one. I might be concerned about you having access to it since you are currently not eligible. The SILs EX is not eligible. Does the SIL have a FOID? You can't return it to either of them if they are not eligible. She shouldn't keep it without her own FOID. If your eligible wife or stepson is holding on to it for the SIL until she is eligible, or wants it returned to her if she is eligible... it's probably (?) an OK thing for them to do. If she's just trying to keep it away from the EX because maybe he wants it back, turn it in. Explain why she's turning it in and let the EX deal with it from there. That's a good point I was going to bring up. Even if the ex shows up with someone who has a printout of the ISP transfer that their FOID is good, in the end I wouldn't take any chances. Because chances could be that the ex gets the rifle back from person with FOID and uses on the SIL. Since the deputy stepson seems to be in a tough spot, the only legal thing to do is hand the rifle over to the ISP. They'll take it with a phone call and explanation. The rifle wasn't transferred to the wife and is not in her house. Therefore THE ILLINOIS STATE POLICE FIREARM DISPOSITION RECORD because of the revoked FOID would have to be forged and that's not legal. Let the ex appeal his FOID revocation and reclaim the rifle.
  11. If he lives with you then that's really an easy decision. Let him hold it, he's a LEO. If the ex son in law wants it back then I would think he have to have it transferred through the ISP website. IOWs the stepson LEO cannot legally give the rifle back to him knowing his FOID is revoked. If he can prove that it's being transferred to someone with a legit FOID then he still has ownership but cannot possess it. The question is length of time. https://www.ispfsb.com/Public/Firearms/FOID/RevokedFOIDCards.aspx?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=326da1312de624a1f605cfba72aac8785457dfd1-1591199142-0-AaivC1Jrpg9ncy48T7Y82FRjIQzCAmy0DRBFTXCIlBJgfdGbTZi7EjYI-bLD_qQcFfKHhyz4CF_YCZC73TRVjG4bUmTt0e1kGFv9lgDTJVbyRUWtKaUnqzD0mXPgHOrKyAx_UcmeN-bQMy2zozPlCR3At_h6BW-55i9SbepvC-pJL1kpq3daX8T2O89W3sjpr6gvnHzxXlX8F3Hqp7jQ4_WNNbyKL_s0gzElN1pxmCLhpSqEsuX3w0Ak6JR2AXi8ENoSdfSmQPPm9gUvYHMMqUxQ6AmzxinN1ZFPx-GhTCwHcEivxC-SLNeUWl3iJhAyPO8rPepwPkfJXrWOwOITpcs You have an interesting situation going on. What does your stepson think?
  12. Read this thread: http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=66326 Read post #3.
  13. It's Tom Dart and his special squad of "investigators". He has deputies look at EVERY CCW application. "Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has assigned 25 employees to screen concealed carry applications filed by anyone who has lived in Cook County during the past decade. About half of the objections filed so far have come from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office." My class was taught and the school was owned by cops who all worked in Cook County. They were very clear about avoiding anything that would get you "DARTED". Tom Dart simply does not want anyone to have guns except cops. Most cops have no problems with concealed carry. I actually went to this school because at another school I asked about getting fingerprinted. The cop that taught that school asked what the big deal was. DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE? I said no but you want $75 to do prints and everybody else is charging $60. That's why I say "most" cops, I hide nothing to hide but were his $75 prints better then my $60 prints? Anyway this 5 years old but still pertains, most of the objections are from Darts office. https://www.cookcountysheriff.org/5743-cook-county-concealed-carry-objections/ He's proud of himself, 5 years ago he was objecting to about 7% of applications in Cook County.
  14. You can take the written exam at the SOS in about 15 languages now. I find that ridiculous. If you cant read ENGLISH then you shouldn't be driving. The signs are in English. As for the LGS that I go to I have bought a few guns on impulse there. The gun I was looking at was something I was seriously considering buying. When I asked if I could dry fire it they said no. Do you have a snap cap so I can try out the trigger? Well no, we don't want to have people dry firing the gun, not buying it and the person who does buy it finds out it's broken. Not exactly the sell like they used to plus it's .40 that you are trying to unload, there were 5 in the case. There is still 5 in the case. It wasn't a.22 where dry firing would even hurt it. I do NO shopping on Amazon but buy plenty of shirts from Gucci, I mean Walmart and as of late Tar'get. Tarjay for when you need the finest. Walmart really ticked me off when they treated me like a criminal.
  15. There was a superfluous space in the url. Remove the space, and it works. http://jpfo.org/filegen-a-m/GCA_68.htm Sorry about the bad link. I should have checked it but it was a long day. The Thomas J. Dodd connection was very important to the Oak Brook guy who had the website. This was around 1994-1995 so you were blazing with a 56k modem. Thank you guys for fixing it.
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