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  1. On 6/13/2023 at 5:31 AM, DaveIL said:

    You should be able to confirm this online as well, if you did not get the tracking numbers, they were on your USPS receipt, if you have that you can visually see the signature. Yes I work for USPS. 

    You are correct but in my case the tracking was showing both letters were "in the system to destination" but it went days and never changed.  I thought they were lost but my rural carrier said I should call them because she had delivered a certified letter and her posted transaction was never posted in the postal system.


    I checked the postal tracking a couple of times after the inquiry board confirmed the receipt of my letters but still the tracking was showing the letters were in the system.  Tracking showed the letters in Chicago for 6 days before I called the Judicial Inquiry Board.  So, in my case, the tracking was useless.

  2. I sent my complaints about the 2 Illinois Supreme Court Justices to the Judicial Inquiry Board on May 24th.  I received a confirmation letter today.


    When I looked at the Judicial Inquiry Board website, they did not show a single judicial complaint in 2023.  I think they showed a total of 101 complaints since 1976.  I have a suspicion there have been over 100 complaints filed about these 2 Illinois Supreme Court justices in just the last few weeks.

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